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In Safe Distance From Being Smart


In Safe Distance
From Being Smart.

that's why you always
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About La-ach-ha-tem. No, I don't speak Arabic, just clearing my throat. I am Steffi. 34 years old from Germany. Geek. Love gaming, laughing, watching DVDs. Photoshop semi n00b. Weird sense of humor. That's me.

Random This journal is mostly friends locked. Feel free to friend me, I will friend you back when I think we might get along well. Entries are 90% in English, 5% in German and the rest is gibberish.

Actors Jason Bateman. Alex O'Loughlin . Timothy Olyphant. Robert Downey jr. Nathan Fillion. Joe Flanigan. David Hewlett. Bruce Willis. Viggo Mortensen. George Clooney. Vince Vaughn. Will Arnett. Michael Cera.
TV/movies Arrested Development. Hawaii 5-0. Justified. Stargate Atlantis. Firefly/Serenity. Lord of the Rings. Castle. Moonlight. Warehouse 13. Die Hard. Lost. Alias. The Big Bang Theory. How I Met Your Mother. Buffy. Angel. The X-Files. Stargate SG1. Veronica Mars. Indiana Jones. Sanctuary. Dodgeball. Hancock. Marvel universe.
Music Hans Zimmer. Steve Jablonski. John Powell. Usher. Timbaland. Danny Elfman. R. Kelly

To prettyfancy for the wonderful Firefly moodtheme, wildilocks for the awesome Moonlighting moodtheme, kohler for the brilliant Arrested Development moodtheme, followtomorrow for the Hawaii Five-0 moodtheme and kaaatie for the SG-A moodtheme. Layout by passing_girl.

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